Discover bargains and flash sales in areas of your choice.

How Rebto Works?

Rebto is a platform that will help you discover bargains and flash sales in your neighbourhood or areas of your choice. Additionally, this app is eliminating paper receipts and replaced them with simple e-receipts securely delivered to your phone.

Just setup the part of town you want to receive sales notifications for and we will seamlessly alert you when these are happening. Once a discount is taking place, the platform will generate an electronic coupon which you will redeem once you are arriving at the business location. E-receipt can be securely delivered to your phone. No paper. No email address informed to the retailer.

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Using Rebto is easy. Set up your private profile, choose your location and start discovering the best nearby deals.

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Download Free Android App on Google Play. Find Deals, Get regular notifications, Redeem Coupons and Get your E-bill.

  • 1Select your preferred location
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  • 3Generate coupon and redeem at business location

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What People say


Alice C.

"Who wouldn’t like an exclusive neighbourhood bargain?"


Denise M.

"I don’t have to browse for deals anymore – the deals come to me!"


Daniel P.

"It’s a really cool feature receiving sales notifications that are happening around my house."


Peter L.

"Keeping shopping experience and beating online prices? Sign me in!"

Rebto for Sellers

Rebto allows you to post notifications of temporary sales and reach out to consumers in your area. Simply generate a coupon code to identify your newest clients when they arrive at your business to redeem the offer. No need for printed receipts. Rebto also allows you to simply issue an e-receipt directly to your customers phone – no emails required.

Rebto brings a free platform for all sellers to promote and sell their offers and deals. Sellers can register their businesses by filling up a simple business registration form.


As a seller you can create a Catalogue of unlimited products and services under a business.

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You can create and post deals at Rebto that is notified to nearby buyers.

Sell your offers and deals on Rebto and reach thousands of buyers in your neighbourhood.

Start Selling

Accept discounted price by using our seamless Coupon Redeem feature. Get Instant Invoice for sales.

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Manage all your sales, deals, products and services catalog, reviews and alerts on mobile, as well as on the website.

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